Santa Switching to an EV Sleigh Would Save Him Over $8,000

With Santa commencing his busiest night of the year on Christmas Eve, a sustainability company looked into his round-the-world trip of 100 million miles.

Uswitch revealed that Santa would save 50% in costs by switching to an EV sleigh, if he were using a gasoline model.

Of course, he would also need to feed his reindeer lots of carrots and treats, too.

If he were to compare a round the world trip in an EV sleigh, it was calculated that it would cost 39 cents per kW— $9,000,000—as compared to filling up with gasoline costing over $18,000,000.

“Using an EV sleigh saves Santa a huge 50%, which could be put into making more presents for children across the world,” said Will Owen, an energy consultant at

According to ScienceFocus, the distance Santa would have to cover on a Christmas night would be 100,000,000 miles.

Assuming that Santa’s sleigh is akin to Tesla Model S, which is reported to have a 620-km range, the total energy needed for Santa to cover the distance would be under $9,000,000.

Alternatively, if Santa’s sleigh had an internal combustion engine, with fuel consumption equivalent to an average car, Santa would need gasoline costing $18,000,000.

Whether you are driving a gasoline or EV car, we hope you have a Merry Christmas, and a new year filled with sustainability and savings.