Mystery Santa Caught on CCTV Sneaking Around at Night, Leaving Gifts for Residents to Find

A mystery secret Santa has been caught on CCTV spreading Christmas cheer by leaving festive treats for residents in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Baffled locals in Holbrooks, Coventry, were left scratching their heads when candy canes suddenly appeared overnight outside their homes last week.

And one homeowner was pleasantly surprised when CCTV revealed the culprit behind these random acts of kindness was Father Christmas himself.

Comical footage shows Santa and an accomplice dressed as a giant Christmas tree making the drop-offs around Alderney Close in England in the middle of the night.

Families say their children have been delighted when they awoke to discover sweets left behind on their mums and dads cars ahead of the big day.

Resident Becky Leaper was left in hysterics when she checked back her security camera footage to see Santa and his helper delivering the gifts.

Becky, a police staff worker who lives with husband Michael and his two children, said: “Me and my husband found it really funny the first time.

“And then the second time my husband thought someone was trying to break into our car so opened the window and then burst out laughing.

“The tree then walked all the way up our drive and put a candy cane on the van as well, then went up to our neighbours.

“The kids think it’s really funny and that Santa is having them delivered. We’re waiting to see who it will be this Sunday.

“We all think it’s great and after such a rubbish year it’s good to lift spirits—it’s nice for people to have a good laugh and the kids get excited to know who it is when everything else is so negative.

Another local resident, Des Carpenter, added, “It certainly has spread a bit of festive cheer that’s for sure and it’s a lovely thing for them to do.